I get this question a lot from my friends, and from potential clients. The answer is simple….if you are willing to try a case, the insurance company knows that they will have to spend a lot of time and money in a case because it is likely to go to trial. This affects their assessment of the case and will often times get you a better settlement.

What Is The Risk?

Quite simply, there are many attorneys who do not like to try cases. It is VERY time consuming and expensive. Remember an attorney fronts all the costs of trial for a client, and loses that money if they don’t win the case. However, if a firm is willing to take a case to trial, and the insurance company is aware of it, they know that the attorney is essentially willing to bet his own money on the case. It is always a risk to go to trial, and insurance companies assess risk as a course of business. If they see that a trial attorney files a case, and know the attorney is willing to take to trial, they will often offer a higher settlement to that attorney than the company would to an attorney who the company knows does not take cases to trial.

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By the way, our firm, with only two attorneys, has tried two cases in the past five months and has another in June of this year. There are many firms with more attorneys than we have who haven’t tried a case in more than two years. Contact us today!