We frequently have clients that say “my doctor said there is nothing more they can do for my injuries to improve my condition, but they recommend therapy, should I do that?” The simple answer is YES!! I used to work for insurance companies and the truth is that they use gaps in treatment against you at trial. What does that mean? In a recent trial, the insurance company found every way possible to mention to the jury that “the Plaintiff says he wants future medical care, but he hasn’t treated in five months….it can’t be that bad.” And to many jurors that makes sense. The reality is that it is difficult to continue to treat for injuries because life happens. You have to take your kids to the doctor, you have work, you have a family, etc. The insurance company uses this to their advantage. However, to get what you deserve for your injuries, it is important to treat regularly, even if that means once every week or two. This takes that card away from the insurance company at trial, and will give you more ammunition to recover what you really deserve because of the injuries you sustain because of someone else’s negligence.