Trucking lawyers know firsthand that truck accidents can be some of the most devastating accidents on the road. Because of the large and destructive nature of trucks, they can have some of the most detrimental damage and it is important in these cases to find a truck accident lawyer to assist you in recuperating your life. Overchuck Law Firm has experienced trucking lawyers in Orlando that can help you in handling your trucking accident.

Passenger car driving in a blind spot

Passenger cars can be just as dangerous for trucks as trucks can be to them. Impatient drivers may try their hand at driving beside a truck in order to fight their way past slow traffic. However, this can cause serious accidents as truck drivers have limited to no visibility in these spots. A passenger car in a truck’s blind spot may find themselves in an accident as the truck tries to merge into their lane without noticing them.


Truck driver fatigue


Truck drivers are out on the road for long stretches of time. They deal with the pressure to arrive to their destination on time, and as a result, may drive well beyond their physical capacity. This is dangerous, however, as tired or fatigued drivers are less responsive to stimuli around them and are more likely to land themselves in an accident. Truck drivers should be wary of staying on the road for too long, especially when driving at night, as this can have devastating consequences.


Poor truck maintenance


Trucks require much more intricate maintenance than regular cars do. They are much larger machines and it is crucial that drivers take care to keep track of each component as they age. Worn out or broken equipment can cause a truck to break down and this can easily lead to an accident. In this instance, truck drivers can be held responsible for the accident so it is critical to speak with a truck accident lawyer for assistance.


Distracted driving


Truck drivers and car drivers alike can be responsible in these scenarios. When truck drivers focus on other things beside driving, they can cause their truck to swerve and can unintentionally drive themselves into another vehicle. In this same vein, car drivers who are busy doing other things can break too suddenly and cause a truck—who requires much more time to break than a car—to crash into them.


This can be especially dangerous when you are dealing with texting and driving. Texting can be just as dangerous as drunk driving and both truck and car drivers can be responsible for causing an accident in this situation.


Speeding drivers


Truck and car drivers are both bound to follow traffic law and this includes the posted speed limits. For trucks especially, because of their size, they may have to go even slower than the posted limit for safety. However, when truck drivers and car drivers ignore these limits and go faster than they should, it can cause serious consequences.


Trucking lawyers can help


In any of these cases, you as either a truck or car driver may be subject to a confusing and difficult legal web to navigate. You don’t have to do this on your own. With the help of a truck accident lawyer, you can be certain to resolves whatever issues you may have.


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Don’t try to deal with a trucking accident alone. It can be a much more complicated case than a car accident and it is important to have an expert at your side who understands the intricacies of the case. Overchuck Law Firm, a business offering truck accident lawyer services in Orlando, can assist you with your trucking accident case. Contact Today!