Slip and fall accidents are caused by a number of factors and it can happen in anywhere. Whether you are a shopper that accidentally slipped on a liquid or an empty food wrapper, or you slipped at your place of work over a slippery liquid like water. Slippery floors and liquids are the most common causes of falls. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury then we suggest you contact a slip and fall attorney Orlando at Overchuck Law Firm.


The Statutes a Slip and Fall Attorney Orlando Must Know


When you fall and slip on a property that does not belong to you then you have to think about all your options to be compensated for your injuries. Slip and fall injuries can sometimes be very serious and cause significant brain damage. Hence, getting compensation for your injuries caused by a fall is essential. It’s always better to take the issue to the court and hire a personal injury lawyer with specialization in slip and fall injuries.


Premises Liability Law Statutes


When you are looking for a slip and fall lawyer to take your personal injury case to court, then choose a lawyer who is well versed in premises liability statutes of Florida. This law will play a very vital role in your case. The statutes of premises liability law state that the owner of the property is responsible for maintaining the property in a condition that is safe for everyone. If the property owners fail to do so, then the victim of an accident is entitled to hold the property owner responsible for the injuries. As a victim, you can file a negligence lawsuit against the victim.


Different Factors Affecting Premises Liability


Premises liability is a law that will be essential for your personal injury case. Slip and fall lawyer must be aware of these statutes because they will determine the cause of your injury, the condition of the property and determine how unsafe or hazardous the property actually is. The premises liability is greatly reliant on upon the following factors:


  1. Your legal status as a visitor


  1. The condition of the property you visited


  1. If the person injured is a trespasser


  1. The actions of both visitor and the owner of the property


  1. If the person injured is a minor


  1. When both the owner and the visitor is at fault for the injury


Florida Statue 768.0755


Another necessary statute that your slip and fall lawyer must be aware of is the Florida Statue 768.0755. These statutes indicate that the plaintiff has to prove that the property owner acted unreasonably and failed to maintain the property in a safe manner. The lawyer will need to prove that your injury was a result of the bad upkeep of the property and hold the owner responsible because he or she had “actual or constructive” knowledge.


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