Medical malpractice does not just extend to what happens in a hospital or doctor’s office. If you are given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of something that you were prescribed and it leads to detrimental side effects, the pharmacist may be at fault. If you would like more information about medical malpractice and pharmacist mistakes, contact medical malpractice lawyers in your area. Overchuck Law Firm, a medical malpractice lawyer Orlando trusts, can give you the assistance you need.


Giving the wrong medication


If the pharmacist sees the prescription and gives the wrong medicine, that can put the patient in harm’s way. They can be subject to a variety of side effects and other issues that can have serious and devastating impacts on the patient’s health. This mistake can occur due to a number of unfortunate circumstances such as poor penmanship on a prescription or a lack of attention to the individual prescriptions in favor of speed.


Wrong dosage


This can also be a horrific mistake. If too much of even the correct prescription is given, this can result in patient overdose. Too little of a prescription can fail to maintain the patient’s symptoms in check. These kinds of mistakes can occur when a pharmacist fails to notes the correct the dosage when fulfilling a prescription. This is often a result of misreading a decimal point or zero. While this may seem minor, it can be a very serious issue.




Miscommunication between both the doctor and the pharmacist and the pharmacist and the patient can have detrimental effects on the patient’s health. For instance, if the pharmacist fails to contact the doctor to confirm the dosage or name of a particular medication, this can result in the previous two issues. If the pharmacist fails to verify with the patient themselves which other medicines they are taking, this could create serious side effects and even result in death.


Failure to account for drug interaction


Drug interaction occurs when two or more medications interact with one another, typically in a negative way. This can also occur with a particular drug and food or a drug and a person’s condition. Because of the potential for certain drugs to interact negatively with other things, a pharmacist has to be careful to confirm with a patient and a physician that the medication prescribed doesn’t have any kind of interaction.


Call upon a medical malpractice lawyer Orlando trusts


If you experience any negligence from a pharmacist that results in serious side consequences, consult medical malpractice lawyers for assistance in filing a claim. If you live locally, a medical malpractice lawyer Orlando residents highly recommend from the Overchuck Law Firm can help you get the compensation you need to recover from a pharmacist’s mistake. Contact Overchuck Law Firm for more information about pharmacists and medical malpractice claims.


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When you are given the wrong dosage or the wrong prescription by your pharmacist, you may be subject to serious side effects. These can be devastating and costly and it is important to seek help in order to ensure that the responsible parties don’t make the same mistakes again. For more information, contact Overchuck Law Firm medical malpractice lawyers, in Orlando.