During your hospitalization if you have suffered an injury at the hands of your doctor or any other medical professional then you have a right to sue them for negligence. However, proving medical negligence is a challenge! You need a medical negligence lawyer to prove medical negligence. Medical negligence cases require the combined expertise of medical and legal aspects. Overchuck Law Firm provides legal services for medical malpractice or negligence. Contact us to know if you have a strong medical negligence claim.


When is the Right Time to Contact Medical Negligence Lawyer?


If you feel that your doctor has conducted any of the following malpractice acts then you need to contact a lawyer with medical expertise to help you if the doctor has:


  1. Misdiagnosed your condition


  1. Administered treatment incorrectly


  1. Gave you the wrong prescription drugs


  1. Gave you a wrong treatment that caused you more harm or injury


Medical negligence occurs when the doctor and other medical staff have breached the standard of care. You have a right to contact medical malpractice lawyers for assistance if you believe the standard of care was not followed.


Standard of care is generally accepted treatment methods that medical professionals rely on to deal with patients with similar conditions. Standard of care is not the same across all states and all patients. The rules change according to the location, the age of the patient ant the medical condition.


Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help Prove Medical Negligence


You will need legal advice to help you file for a medical negligence claim. Professional legal help is essential in medical malpractice claims because it’s hard for you to prove in court that your injuries are a result of the doctor or the medical staff negligence. Your case will need thorough research and expert testimony.

Proving that your doctor’s malpractice has injured you is called causation. To help prove causation you will need to have some documents on you, bring them with you during your consultation with your attorney. Here’s the list of documents that you might need to bring in to the lawyer’s office:

  1. Medical receipts


  1. Photos of your injuries


  1. Test results


  1. Letters from health care center or a hospital


  1. Doctor’s notes


  1. Personal log entries concerning your medical history


Helping you Find Witnesses to Back Your Negligence Claim


When you have decided to sue your doctor for negligence, your attorney will need to contact other medical professional witnesses to help your claim. These witnesses are mostly medical professionals. Witnesses will play a very important role in your case; they will help analyze your case from a medical viewpoint to help make a negligence claim. Instead of talking to the witnesses on your own, contact medical malpractice lawyers from Overchuck Law Firm to take care of this task.

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