Being misdiagnosed by a doctor can cause serious consequences not only to your physical health but to your mental health and everyday life. Misdiagnosis can mean thousands spent on treatments you did not need, preparations made for something that never occurred, and serious emotional trauma to yourself and your loved ones. In those situations where you feel cheated or upset because of a serious misdiagnosis, what can you do? What are your options moving forward and who can you talk to about your options? Can you legally file a misdiagnosis lawsuit for the harm caused to you? The experts at Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, a business offering consultation from medical malpractice lawyers, can consult you on how to proceed moving forward from a serious misdiagnosis.


What was the misdiagnosis of?


A serious misdiagnosis can mean a variety of things. If you were misdiagnosed with cancer, you could’ve been exposed to chemotherapy, an aggressive form of treatment with detrimental side effects. In other instances, misdiagnosis might mean undergoing a surgery that would’ve otherwise been unnecessary. It could even, at its most extreme, mean receiving a simple diagnosis such as a headache or indigestion when something much more serious is underlying—such as a stroke or cancer—which when unaddressed can lead to death.


Understanding how serious your misdiagnosis was and what it meant for you can help you to sort through the following steps you can take toward a misdiagnosis lawsuit. If the misdiagnosis was serious, then you can contact medical malpractice lawyers to find out if you can proceed with a legal case against your doctor for the burden they’ve placed on your life. However, it is important to note that only the doctor that gave you the diagnosis can be legally responsible. The hospital at which you may have stayed or any nurses involved are not directly liable for your misdiagnosis.


Things to consider before filing a misdiagnosis lawsuit


In order to move forward with a legal case against your doctor, you need to have a proof that the misdiagnosis caused you harm. This can be easy to demonstrate in the case of serious misdiagnosis, as misdiagnosis of something as significant as cancer can mean costly and burdensome treatment that can cause damaging side effects. In the case of misdiagnosis that leads to surgery, harm could mean surgical scarring or complications from the surgery itself. If there was a delay in diagnosis and you received more aggressive treatment than would’ve otherwise been necessary had the diagnosis been caught earlier, then that added stress and side effects can be considered harm.


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The time after receiving a serious misdiagnosis from your doctor can be difficult and confusing. It is important to sort through the steps of understanding how detrimental the misdiagnosis was in order to receive full compensation through a misdiagnosis lawsuit for the added trauma and stress placed on you and your loved ones. If you are in need of medical malpractice lawyers and you are located in Orlando, Florida, contact Overchuck Law Firm for information on how to proceed and receive the assistance you need to overcome a serious misdiagnosis.