If you are at a stadium for a sporting event or a concert, the last thing that you want to occur is a slip and fall accident. However, these accidents are all too common and easily prevented by the stadium. Whether it is a spilled drink, inclement weather, or improper trash disposal, if a slip and fall accident led to injury, the venue owner may be at fault. If you’ve sustained an injury due to a slip and fall at a stadium, contact Overchuck Law Firm, a slip and fall lawyer in Orlando, for information on how to proceed and what kind of compensation you are due.


What to do when you slip and fall at a stadium


When you suffer a slip and fall at a stadium you may wonder what are your next steps. Can you receive compensation for your accident? Is the stadium really liable? How can you ensure that you are following the correct procedure for filing a lawsuit against them? Who can you consult to determine if your case is viable?


The first thing you must determine is whether or not you received an actual injury. You cannot start a case against a stadium for a slip and fall if you did not sustain any injuries. If you had to be transported to the hospital or had to take time off work, these are viable ways of proving that you sustained a serious injury.


Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not the stadium was actually guilty of negligence. If the item or situation that caused the slip and fall accident was preventable by the stadium, then there is a chance that they are at fault for negligence. This can be the case with spilled food or drink or wet floors from cleaning. If the stadium does not take the proper precautions to ensure your safety and you received an injury due to their lack of attentiveness, then you may have cause for a lawsuit.


Slip and fall lawyer in Orlando serving you


Once you have determined whether or not you have a lawsuit on your hands, it is important to contact a slip and fall lawyer in Orlando. With their help you can gather the appropriate evidence and take the necessary steps to receive compensation for your injury. Their expertise can guide you through the steps of filing a lawsuit against the stadium and returning your life back to normal.


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While attending a stadium for a sporting event or concert is meant to be a joyous occasion, accidents can happen. With the number of people present and the chaos that follows, the venue may let things fall through the cracks and you may be injured in a slip and fall accident. If this occurs and you are seriously injured because of the negligence of a stadium, contact Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando for guidance in handling your case.