If you have suffered a slip and fall accident, make sure you take pictures of the place in which you suffered your accident then contact Overchuck Law Firm, a personal injury attorney in Orlando, for more information on how to get your case tried and won. Don’t hesitate or try to take on the responsible party for your slip and fall alone and get a slip and fall lawyer on your side who has had experience in winning cases.


Why are Pictures Important?


When you slip and fall in any location and you suffer an injury, there is likely going to be someone responsible for your injury. For instance, if you slip and fall on a wet floor with no indication signs at a supermarket, the supermarket is responsible because it was their duty to let you know what the floor was wet.

Pictures are important because they help to prove that the conditions that were present at the time of your injury contributed to what occurred. For example, if you slip and fall in a restaurant because there was food sticking to the ground, pictures of the ground prove that the food stuck there made you fall. If you do not take pictures, the restaurant could mop up the area and claim that it was like that when you fell.

This can transfer into any situation. Pictures do, after all, say a thousand words and they can assist you in making a case against the party responsible much better than any eyewitness could. This is because a picture has immediacy and believability. A court or an insurance adjuster can question a witness’s testimony but they cannot question the validity of what they see with their own eyes.


What Else Can Help?


Pictures are not, however, the only thing that you should keep in mind. Pictures only provide one part of the story. Even though witnesses should not be your sole source of validity, witnesses can help corroborate your story and give you more credibility.


Consult a Personal Injury Attorney


A personal injury attorney has the job of helping you figure out how to tackle the party responsible to make sure that they do not try to pin your injury on you. They can take all your evidence, including the pictures you take, and make a case on your behalf so that you do not have to face a legal battle on your own. While some people will willingly admit that the accident you suffered was their mistake, others will use every tactic to make sure they do not have to pay you compensation. With a slip and fall lawyer, you will be certain to have someone at your side who has your best interests in mind.


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