Trucking can be a very rewarding career, but what happens when you get into an accident? Accidents are all too common on the road and this danger increases when you are driving a vehicle as large as a truck. Trucking accidents can have a serious impact on a truck driver. If you get into an accident while driving, contact a trucking accident lawyer at Overchuck Law Firm. They can assist you in getting through your trucking accident and make sure that you can get back on the road quickly.

Is a truck like a regular car?

The short answer is always no. Trucks are carrying tons of cargo and they are sizably larger than their four-wheeled counterparts. Trucks must follow different rules for the road because they cannot make the follow the same speed as cars without risking an accident. They also cannot make turns in the same manner.

A truck making a turn requires a significant amount of time and clear traffic in order to ensure that they do not put the lives of the other people at the intersection at risk. However, an experienced truck driver knows that these kinds of turns can be done efficiently and safely if you simply allow yourself the time to make the turn and indicate that you are doing so, you can keep yourself from getting into an accident.

Trucking accidents

A truck driver can do their best in making a safe turn, but what happens when the road conditions are unfavorable or cars get in your way in spite of your indication that you are making a turn and you are unable to negotiate the turn safely? Law enforcement may charge you as responsible for the accident even if you did everything you could to stay safe.

In order to prevent this, make sure that you document the accident as best as you can with photographs and videos. If you have a camera installed on your truck, utilize that to show how you executed the turn as best as you could. As long as you did your due diligence as a driver, you cannot be held at fault for trucking accidents that happen outside of your control.

If you get into an accident and you know that you are not at fault, make sure that you contact a truck accident lawyer to discuss your case and get representation to get your charges dropped. You should not be held at fault if you have done everything you can to negotiate a turn. Speak to a truck accident lawyer at Overchuck Law Firm to learn more about trucking accidents and their cases.

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Trucking accidents are common, but you don’t have to suffer through them alone. If you speak to a truck accident lawyer at Overchuck Law Firm and get the help you need to work through your trucking accident and get back to your life. A trucking accident doesn’t have to stop you from doing your job; contact Overchuck Law Firm and get the justice you deserve.