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You hear so much in the news and in television commercials that it seems many Florida personal injury attorneys consider automobile accident cases routine. We feel differently at the Overchuck Law Firm. Our attorneys pursue your car accident matter with care and attention to detail, so that you will receive the maximum possible amount for your car crash case.

At the Overchuck Law Firm, we believe that each case requires a thorough fact investigation. Building a winning case for you requires studying every angle, including:

  • Human error
  • Vehicle malfunction
  • Vehicle defect
  • Traffic law violations
  • Vehicle law violations
  • Insurance policy coverage

By choosing our law firm you will be represented by Florida personal injury lawyers that are prepared to negotiate and settle your claim, or litigate your case in a courtroom in front of a jury, to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

At the Overchuck Law Firm we work with doctors, other health care providers, traffic investigators, and a variety of experts to determine the fullest extent of recovery available to car accident victims and their families. We also evaluate the various theories of liability that enable a victim to collect from the parties who caused them harm.

Our law firm will pursue all potential damages, including PIP, medical expenses (past and future), and economic damages such as lost wages, along with damages for pain and suffering.

If you or family members have been injured in a motor vehicle crash, we are available to answer your questions. Please call, send us an inquiry by using the form at our help page or email us.

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