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railroad-crossingRailroad accidents and disasters are rare when railroad companies act responsibly to meet their safety obligations for passengers and the public. But safety suffers when budgets are cut, safety personnel are reduced, and safety inspections are rushed or even eliminated.

People can be killed or injured in railroad disasters when railroad safety suffers. The attorneys at the Overchuck Law Firm provide the victims of railroad disasters confidence that they will be treated fairly following an accident, because our firm has already successfully litigated similar cases.

The Overchuck Law Firm can make the difference between devastation and the justice that injured victims and their families deserve. Our team of experts is very experienced in understanding the laws and safety standards that apply to railroads and rail companies.

Unfortunately we know that rail carriers sometimes:

  • Neglect proper maintenance of train steps and passageways
  • Speed over unsafe or congested stretches of track
  • Neglect warning systems
  • Improperly maintain locomotives

The Overchuck Law Firm will move quickly and aggressively to investigate whether crossing guards may have malfunctioned or warning devices may have failed. When you or family members have been harmed in a railroad disaster, or as the result of an accident involving a vehicle and a train, we move aggressively to find the cause.

If a loved one has died, or you or a family member has been injured because of a railroad disaster the attorneys at the Overchuck Law Firm want to help.

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