Have you suffered a slip and fall even when a caution wet floor sign was a present? If so, you can still sue for the fall under particular circumstances with the help of Overchuck Law Firm, a slip and fall lawyer in Orlando. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we could help you, contact us today or visit our website.


What Are the Parameters for Suing for a Slip and Fall?


When a slip and fall occurs, there are typically a few things that must have been in place in order for you to sue the premises for liability. The most obvious of these would be if there was no sign present that could have prevented the slip and fall from happening. For instance, if you were in a stadium and the floors had been cleaned; you walk on the wet floors where there is no sign and you fall, breaking a bone. At that point, the stadium is responsible for your broken bone and they must pay for your medical expenses. If you, for any reason, are incapable of going to work or doing your normal activities, they then must pay for those additional expenses, whether they be payment from your work or charges for pain and suffering.


What if a Caution Wet Floor Sign Was Present?


If a caution wet floor sign was present and you fell, then a few other things must be true in order for you to still sue. First, the sign must not have been visible to you. Second, the sign must not have been clear in its expression of what the situation was. That is, if the sign posted was actually a small piece of paper on the wall and the writing was so small that you could not read it at a distance, then you could reasonably argue that the sign was not effectively doing its job of warning you.

If this is the case, you may still have the opportunity to sue. However, you will only be able to argue that if you have the assistance of a trained and skilled attorney at your side. They can help argue your case before a court and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Overchuck Law Firm is a slip and fall lawyer in Orlando that understands how difficult these kinds of cases can be to fight on your own. That is why we offer services to those who have had a slip and fall regardless of whether or not a caution sign was present.


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