If you have been the victim of a dog bite, it is important to know the dog bite law for the state of Florida. Overchuck Law Firm, a personal injury attorney in Orlando, can help you in the event of a dog bite, and they also have a variety of resources to help you avoid dog bites all together and move forward with your life. Contact us at Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando to help you with any injuries you may have incurred as a result of a dog bite.

Look at Their Posturing


The way that a dog stances themselves says a lot about whether or not they feel threatened. Dogs who are feeling threatened may try to make themselves look bigger in order to present their dominance. In particularly aggressive situations, they may even bare their teeth or bark at the person approaching them. Similarly, a dog may try to make themselves smaller if they are anxious. These dogs, too, could be prone to biting given enough stress. That is why it is important that if you see any of these signs in the dog, that you stay away from them and back away from their space.

Know Who You Are Approaching


Strange dogs are not always going to be friendly. This is a simple enough concept for adults to understand but some children may not get that fact quite as easily. This puts them at risk for getting bitten by a strange dog if they try to pet it or play with it. If you see a strange dog—even if it seems friendly—be wary of touching it or petting it.


Do Not Run


Running away from a dog that is already aggressive puts them on high alert. The behavior may be unexpected or startling and this may agitate them further. Instead, back away slowly with your head down in order to avoid direct eye contact.


Know Dog Bite Law


In the state of Florida, statute 767.04 states that owners of dogs are responsible for the biting that their dog may incur in any location, including their own property, unless the person bitten was at least partially responsible for the act. In that event, they would take on some of the liability associated with the incident. What this means is that, whether you are a dog owner or you are the victim of a dog bite, you have to know the law and be prepared to fight a case against the other party. Overchuck Law Firm, personal injury attorney in Orlando, is ready to help their clients in the event of a dog bite incident.


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