An aviation lawyer can tell you that in-flight injuries can be complicated to sort through. Overchuck Law Firm, a personal injury attorney Orlando residents recommend, knows that there are many parties involved in making a flight happen and, as such, there are many that could be responsible for your injury. We can help you figure out the party responsible and get you the help you need to recover from your injury. Contact us at Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando to learn more.


Common Issues


Injuries in-flight are almost too common. However, the cause of these injuries is not always the reason for a lawsuit. That is, sometimes just because you may feel that the airline is responsible, that may not always be the case. For instance, there may be turbulence on a flight that you are on. In the flight, an overhead compartment opens and a suitcase falls on your head. There are many factors to consider just in this one situation. Did the flight attendant not close the latch properly? Was the overhead compartment broken and no one tried to fix it before your flight? Did another passenger try to get his luggage out of the compartment and leave it improperly shut?

The answer to any one of these questions could transform your case monumentally. That is why it is so important to make sure that you go over your injury prior to beginning a case. When you begin to file a case against an airline, you must make sure that you can prove that the airline was negligent. If the event that occurred was an act of nature—that is, if you were injured as a result of extreme turbulence—you would need to prove that the airline was negligent in preparing you with proper safety procedures.


Who is at Fault?


As you navigate who may be responsible for your injury, you may find out that the airline is not responsible at all. That is, it may have been the fault of a bad equipment or poor manufacturing and it would then fall on the shoulders of the manufacturer rather than the airline themselves. Additionally, you may have the cases where the staff or employee responsible was not employed by the airline. For instance, someone employed by the airport.


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