Many truck accident law firms will tell you that settling in a truck accident may be a desirable outcome for you. Overchuck Law Firm, a truck accident lawyer in Orlando, has worked with many truck accidents in the past and we know whether it would be best for you to settle or not. If you are in a truck accident, contact us and see if you would be better off settling your case.


Why Should You Settle?


When you have had a trucking accident, you may be able to seek compensation for the injuries that you have suffered as a result of the accident. These types of lawsuits are frequently filed in the civil court where the person can seek a legal judgment for the damages. At any time during the litigation, however, the parties are able to seek to resolve their dispute by utilizing an informal settlement. These settlements can help the two parties involved save time and money.

Settlements are often reached using alternative dispute resolution methods, including arbitration, mediation, or negotiation. There are two methods that are considered non-binding methods of reaching an agreement: mediation and negotiation. Arbitration, however, is a binding process and it replaces a civil trial altogether. In many cases, you can get the damages that you deserve from a trucking accident by utilizing these alternative dispute resolution methods. The parties can undertake these methods even if their disagreement is still simultaneously being pursued in court.

Settlements can be a more desirable solution than resolving in court for a number of reasons. This is because it is often cheaper and much quicker than trying to seek a resolution in court. It is also less adversarial than litigation because the parties involved are able to present their positions confidentially and neither side has to admit fault. This makes the parties involved much less defensive and they are able to calmly and rationally discuss the issues which will then lead to a more amicable settlement agreement.

There are two types of settlements that you may receive: lump-sum and structured. A lump-sum settlement is paid all in one go while a structured settlement is paid over a predetermined period of time in regular payments.


Are You Looking for Truck Accident Law Firms?


If you have been in a trucking accident and you are wondering if it would be worth your time to settle, make sure to get in contact with truck accident law firms so that you can see if you would benefit. A truck accident lawyer can tell you what your best options would be and if you should settle.


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As a truck accident lawyer, Overchuck Law Firm knows that sometimes the best results come from settling rather than pursuing your case to completion through litigation. With our expertise and guidance, you can decide if you will gain more from settling or if you should pursue your case in court. Contact us to find out more and see how we can help.