If you are wondering what to do after an accident, Overchuck Law Firm recommends that, as a truck accident lawyer in Orlando, their clients need to be informed about what signing paperwork could mean. Signing paperwork could take away your opportunity to get compensation for your accident and it may render any other legal arguments that you make against your insurance company useless. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers and see how Overchuck Law Firm could help you.

What to Do After an Accident


When you get into an accident as a passenger vehicle driver, you are already putting yourself at risk of being at fault in the accident even if you did nothing wrong. However, as a truck driver, you are at an even greater disadvantage. This is because trucks are so much larger than regular vehicles and they are expected to follow much more stringent rules than a passenger vehicle.

As a truck driver, the first step you must follow after an accident is to double check that you did in fact do everything you could to avoid an accident. Then you must document the accident through pictures and making sure that you get the police to get an official report. After you have as much documentation as possible, you may then contact your insurance. Immediately after you have contacted your insurance, make sure to contact an attorney and do not sign any forms that your insurance may request of you until you have spoken with your lawyer.

Why You Shouldn’t Sign Anything


Your insurance is not always going to have your best interest in mind. Sometimes, they are going to ask you to sign forms that take liability from them and allow them to not have to pay you the funds that you deserve. That is why it is important—even if you feel comfortable with what the form is asking of you—that you do not sign anything until you have your lawyer at your side. They can advise you on what is okay for you to sign and what forms are actually stripping you of your rights.

Who Do You Call?


When you are wondering what to do after an accident, you do not have to go through the process alone. A truck accident lawyer like Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando can help you sort through all the paperwork that you will have to deal with after an accident and make sure that you are not signing anything that can lock you in to anything.


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