If you are about to undergo surgery, it is important to know how to prevent wrong site surgery. As the leading medical malpractice lawyers of Orlando, Overchuck Law Firm can help you ensure that you are not victim to a wrong site surgery. If, however, a doctor does make a mistake and you are subject to a wrong site surgery, contact Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando and get the help you need to get justice against the surgeon. We are committed to representing our clients as best as we can to get them the results they deserve.


What is Wrong Site Surgery?


Wrong site surgery is when your surgeon accidentally operates on the wrong part of the body. This can be done in conjunction with a wrong procedure or with the correct procedure on the wrong body part. In some extreme cases, the surgeon may even perform the correct surgery on the correct body part but on the entirely wrong person. While surgeons should do everything in their power possible to avoid this type of travesty, it has been known to happen in the past. That is why it is so important that you consult with an attorney in the event that this happens. You should not have to suffer at the hands of a surgeon who did not do their due diligence in ensuring that you got the right surgery in the right location.

When you have wrong site surgery performed make sure that you get documentation of the surgery as soon as possible. This can be pictures of the wrong site that was operated on or actual labs and charts of your medical condition and details of the surgery itself. It may also help to get any kind of documentation from before the surgery.


Could Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help You?


Medical malpractice lawyers know firsthand that wrong site surgery can have traumatic and sometimes life-threatening consequences. That is why they have to be handled by an experience lawyer like the ones at Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando. As medical malpractice lawyers, they know how to get your case tried properly and will be able to seek the justice you want on the careless surgeon who operated on you.

Overchuck Law Firm in Orlando could help you get the outcome that you have been hoping for so contact us if you have suffered from a wrong site surgery. We can work with you on your case and get you ready to return to your life as quickly as possible. Call us and schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.


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If you have been a victim to wrong site surgery or you are interested in learning more about how to prevent a wrong site surgery, contact Overchuck Law Firm and speak to an attorney about your concerns regarding your surgery. We at Overchuck Law Firm can get you the compensation you deserve after a wrong site surgery, so do not hesitate to reach out.